Review: Wooden Sunglasses

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When it comes to my own fashion. I see to it that I got these pieces that are quirky and unique enough that can still speaks to my style. Yes! Because I wanted to be unusual and different to others. I dunno, I’d always like that even to the other things. That’s why I am so happy to have this wooden sunglasses here from for free but I need to do an honest review about it over my other fashion site. I must say, these wooden sunglasses ,from the shop Ive mentioned, are really superb. Because, first, it came with the bamboo made of case and the sunglasses itself is really in quality and I simply likes the shade of the lens, it’s not that light and not that black – it is just okay and it can ease the eyes much.

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They’ve sent over this sunglasses that has a product name of ” Oxford”. It has a brownish frame which is perfect for this spring and summer season. The sunglasses has a retail price of 70 USD and it can ship out world wide hence nothing to worry about at all.. So what are you waiting for? go check the shop now and have yourself one wooden sunglasses for you to be looking dope this summer.

Product Review: Top-sider shoes & RayBan Sunglasses

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Really! I am so fortunate to have picked by these online shops and companies to collaborate with. Though my fashion sites aren’t that well known over the search engine or to have these great amount of followers over my social channels, like other fashion bloggers do. I dunno, might they found my sites best fits on their brands that is why they’re fond of working with me in some sponsorships neither in sorts of collaborations.

Recently, the one leading online shop in the US had contacted me and asked for collaboration. And I said yes – all I have to do with them was to post one promotional content for them over my site each month in exchange of items worth 200 USD per month. Which a great deal for me, since I am so much pleased to have some of their selling finds.

For this month, April. What Ive got was this top-sider shoes and one rayban sunglasses that are perfectly on this spring and summer season. Slip-on shoes are way comfortable when summer comes and they usually light to wear than to those kicks which we used to wear often. Also, the sunglasses is pretty fine. Because it can help your eyes to get protected from the sun rays to avoid any minor even major eye damage, this summer season..

By the way, the shop am currently working today was this called : where mostly high-end brands and labels were listed. You can check out their shop today and see for yourself on how great their each items were. Also, they do have another shop for women and its: – where all the chic finds and in trend pieces are selling over. Go check the both shops today and buy off all the finds you need this summer season. 🙂