Ready for summer season?

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When the summer season comes. I knew everyone’s grooving and partying because at this sunny season we can now wear off those light pieces that we partially missed to wear last season, winter.  And at this season we’re allow then to wear all the colors unlike on winter were black are once propitiate to cover the whole long winter season, which kinda makes us tired of it, right? hence we better grace up ourselves by wearing this way comfortable finds that are best fits for the season, summer.

One of my picks was this beach shorts. Yes! we all know that beach shorts is a must because it can makes our body cool down and it is nice seeing wearing a shorts under the coconut trees while resting at the seashores.

Of course, it is better if you could pair it up with a nicely colorful top along with your best companion flip flops and a nicely hat that can compliment on your total outfit – you’ trying to pull off..Actually, summer is the easiest to style up because you can able to wear anything without thinking if it’s gone right or not as long you were comfortable on what you’d be wearing, all things will surely be fine and looking great..

Free Fashion Finds From EastDane

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One of the best thing to happened as you yourself working as a full-time blogger is to bumped into some great opportunities along your way. Wherein you could have your eager and wanting items for free or if you’re into travel you might as well be fly out to your favourite destination without spending any penny for the whole trip. Yes! that’s how bloggers works.. But of course, we should be working out for the certain company campaigns first before we could have all the fortune.

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Firstly, sorry for the lame photos because I got no time though to have it right, hence you can bear with me this..

Ive got some items from My favourite store which is the where all the awesome finds for men’s fashion were house. They’ve sent me out this G-Shock Watch some tees and this fine shirts here that I may wear off to church soon… is also selling some electronics and gadgets such as: travel kits, speakers and even some bath stuff like soap keeper and more. You can check them out and see for yourself on how great this online shop is..

New In: Shoes From

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If they says ” diamond are the women best friends” for us guys the shoes are once our best companion. Because when it comes to men’s fashion shoes are the main pieces that we should have better. Because it can spice up the whole outfit as you’ve got the most superb shoes that compliments on the total outfit you’d trying to pull off. I knew most of you guys out there are can relate on what am telling about here, right?

This recently, the online shop I used to worked with, Eastdane, Had sent me over these 2 shoes for review. And I must say, that these both shoes are indeed versatile where I can wear them off in both casual and formal wear.

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The one on the very top has a brand called Puma, one of the leading brand for sport clothing, and this quirky looking shoes here has a brand name “er souliers de skate”. Both shoes were listed at EastDane’s shop and you can find another brands that may caught your attention as they’re speaks to your own fashion style.

I really suggest you to take a look this shop and have your pieces on to them. Because they’ve got all the high-end brands of it’s pieces and selling them over on there very reasonable prices that wont break the wallet that much. I think, this is the edge of this shop, EastDane, among others by giving out the best quality fashion finds that can make you definitely dope as you wears them..

Review: Wooden Sunglasses

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When it comes to my own fashion. I see to it that I got these pieces that are quirky and unique enough that can still speaks to my style. Yes! Because I wanted to be unusual and different to others. I dunno, I’d always like that even to the other things. That’s why I am so happy to have this wooden sunglasses here from for free but I need to do an honest review about it over my other fashion site. I must say, these wooden sunglasses ,from the shop Ive mentioned, are really superb. Because, first, it came with the bamboo made of case and the sunglasses itself is really in quality and I simply likes the shade of the lens, it’s not that light and not that black – it is just okay and it can ease the eyes much.

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They’ve sent over this sunglasses that has a product name of ” Oxford”. It has a brownish frame which is perfect for this spring and summer season. The sunglasses has a retail price of 70 USD and it can ship out world wide hence nothing to worry about at all.. So what are you waiting for? go check the shop now and have yourself one wooden sunglasses for you to be looking dope this summer.

Product Review: Top-sider shoes & RayBan Sunglasses

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Really! I am so fortunate to have picked by these online shops and companies to collaborate with. Though my fashion sites aren’t that well known over the search engine or to have these great amount of followers over my social channels, like other fashion bloggers do. I dunno, might they found my sites best fits on their brands that is why they’re fond of working with me in some sponsorships neither in sorts of collaborations.

Recently, the one leading online shop in the US had contacted me and asked for collaboration. And I said yes – all I have to do with them was to post one promotional content for them over my site each month in exchange of items worth 200 USD per month. Which a great deal for me, since I am so much pleased to have some of their selling finds.

For this month, April. What Ive got was this top-sider shoes and one rayban sunglasses that are perfectly on this spring and summer season. Slip-on shoes are way comfortable when summer comes and they usually light to wear than to those kicks which we used to wear often. Also, the sunglasses is pretty fine. Because it can help your eyes to get protected from the sun rays to avoid any minor even major eye damage, this summer season..

By the way, the shop am currently working today was this called : where mostly high-end brands and labels were listed. You can check out their shop today and see for yourself on how great their each items were. Also, they do have another shop for women and its: – where all the chic finds and in trend pieces are selling over. Go check the both shops today and buy off all the finds you need this summer season. 🙂

Welcome to my site

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Welcome to my new site that is named as : Actually, this site is meant as my lifestyle blog but let see if things doesn’t work out well. I’ll probably shift into other niche but I’ll try my very best to maintain this as lifestyle blog because I was keen to do it so, hence I can store all of my personal stuff through this blog as year goes by.

By the way, let me first introduce myself. I am Ronel Marin from the far east Asia called Philippines and I simply loves to travel, review products and do something extreme like hiking, going to the unfamiliar places and do something quirky that can make me feel extremely happy because I believed on the saying ” You only live once” yet we better to enjoy it to the fullest..

And if you found this blog best fits for your company for collaboration and sorts of sponsorships. Kindly please don’t hesitant to reach me out through my contact page for further details and rates for us to go through.

Okay, that’s all for now and please keep on tuning in for my newest post updates. Thank you!