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There are a lot of online stores out there that promises a quality of fine pieces to offer. But these shops are too costly to shop with unlike with this recent shop that I’ve found called Dresslily.com where all the trendies and classic fashion finds were houses and selling for a very minimal cost unlike when you buy off to any online shops out there that promises to has the best quality of finds and yet they’re hefty in prices which I think you buyers should think about first.

Plus Size Beach Cover-up Wrap Dress

Pompon See-Through Crochet Tunic Beach Cover Up

Fringed Lace One Piece Swimsuit

Dresslily.com has all the quirky and finest fashion finds. Because they vowed to have so thus a lot of fashion bloggers and enthusiasts are too pleased to their shop and even attested that their each finds selling are too better and the quality of materials used are too good unlike in other shops out there that aren’t so considerable in the item they were selling to their buyers. So, I hope you guys could be wise enough in buying online especially these fashion finds.

Floral Embroidered Drop Waist Dress

Plus Size V Neck Midi Lace Sheath Dress

Sleeveless Jacquard Mini Ball Gown Dress

This shop is pretty reputable and reliable. You can find all types of finds in here and they either sells out some for men that I can assure that most of you dope men would definitely enjoy with. Also, if you are fine in any black kind of dresses to kill. You can easily find them over this shop Dresslily here. Because they do caters some for you Gothic friends.


Look Girly Yet Still Feel Comfy With This Blue Lace Dress

Imagine a dress you can wear on casual events and still look like you’ve made a lot of effort to dress yourself up. Well then, this DRESS is perfect for those occasions! With its style and comfort, you definitely can never go wrong. It can be matched with a pair of cute wedges for that summer party and minimal accessories like a pair of dangling earrings and a dainty necklace. Going to summer events has never been this simple and breezy!



From Casual To Formal In An Instant With This Lovely Black And White Dress!

Always in a hurry but still want to look put together and beautiful? This DRESS is fit for occasions when you want to put on something you donÕt want to overthink about and still walk out of the door feeling ready. I love how this dress can be paired with cute flat shoes for a more casual vibe or a pair of high heels for a formal look. From casual to formal in an instant indeed! To make this dress even look more put together, just don on accessories that perfectly match he outfit like a pair of studded earrings or a cute little necklace for a more dainty look. Match it with a pair of clutch or a beautiful purse and you’ll surely be on the go!



Dress Sharply and Look Your Best

 photo e731db389b52e125fa5855705d454e89_WixKg9sgmiwce51QSGKdeH3_zps7a0nlfmd.jpg

The right clothing makes a man stand out and if he is a professional or belongs to the corporate world, this is quite important. Clean, crisp, and well fitted clothing gives you the attention you need and makes people take you more seriously. However, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. To be a sharply dressed man, you should ignore fashion trends because mainstream fashion trends are fleeting and can be costly. An example is bleached and/or distressed jeans that many famous designers have come up with in their labels but have quickly faded. So it is better to stick to classic jeans that can be worn for a long time. Keep it simple and buy fitted jeans in a dark color, sans fading or rips. For quality denim, you might want to check out Zalora’s Marketplace. Wear them with a fitted T-shirt for a casual look or dress them up with a buttoned shirt and a sport coat.

 photo o0628043412056338975_zpsivjyfhcw.jpg

Another advice to dress sharply is for you to take care of your clothing. This way, you will be able to use your clothes for a long time and therefore save shopping money. Use good hangers for your suits and shoe trees for your shoes. Be careful in using the washing machine. Try to save up and buy good, quality clothes such as a custom suit and a pair of pricey dress shoes. Another tip is to not limit yourself to using just denim and instead wear classic cotton or wool trousers that are well-cut. This will make you stand out in social occasions and make you look a little sharper.

 photo o0628043412063249348_zpsjttxqsfc.jpg

Another good advice is to wear sport shirts and polos instead of plain T-shirts especially to work and during social events. Wearing T-shirts when you are going to the mall or gym is fine. Go for buttoned short-sleeved shirts in the summer and a polo in a simple, dark color. Last but not the least, save up and wear well-crafted, classic footwear. The high quality and comfortability it brings more than makes up for its hefty price. A good pair of quality leather dress shoes will last for years and is absolutely necessary for a sharp look.

Amazing Summer Shopping at iprice

 photo coupon_zpsdg3fkodi.png

It’s summer again and everyone’s excited to hit the beach and enjoy the sun. Many men and women have started to work out just so they can show off their bodies in sexy swimwear. Not only that, it’s time to check your closets to see if you have clothes that’re approprite for this scorching heat. If you don’t, then go to your favorite boutique and shop to your heart’s content. Better yet, check out the many online stores selling affordable summerwear and totally enjoy the convenience of online shopping. However, it’s kinda difficult to buy everything you want if you have a limited budget. So the best thing to do is to visit iprice.

 photo iprice shop_zps6geyxg6i.png

For shoppers in the Philippines, shop at iprice Coupons Philippines. They offer the latest and best coupons, discounts, and voucher codes from popular online stores like Zalora, Lazada, Melissa, Romwe, Agoda, Groupon, GlassesOnline, Foxysales, and Wego. Coupons are updated and marked ongoing while those that’re expired are marked “Recently Expired”. They have so many amazing deals and shoppers can get discounts of up to 70%. Go through all the coupons and once you see the coupon you like to avail, click “Get this offer”. You’ll then be redirected to the chosen online store. Another great thing about iPrice is that they don’t require any membership so everyone’s free to shop. Get to see all the popular coupons at the right side of the web page.

Ready for summer season?

 photo 15602_903510333005393_6772656292897023283_n_zpsbpgekn9d.jpg

When the summer season comes. I knew everyone’s grooving and partying because at this sunny season we can now wear off those light pieces that we partially missed to wear last season, winter.  And at this season we’re allow then to wear all the colors unlike on winter were black are once propitiate to cover the whole long winter season, which kinda makes us tired of it, right? hence we better grace up ourselves by wearing this way comfortable finds that are best fits for the season, summer.

One of my picks was this beach shorts. Yes! we all know that beach shorts is a must because it can makes our body cool down and it is nice seeing wearing a shorts under the coconut trees while resting at the seashores.

Of course, it is better if you could pair it up with a nicely colorful top along with your best companion flip flops and a nicely hat that can compliment on your total outfit – you’ trying to pull off..Actually, summer is the easiest to style up because you can able to wear anything without thinking if it’s gone right or not as long you were comfortable on what you’d be wearing, all things will surely be fine and looking great..

New In: Shoes From EastDane.com

 photo 8163BD3F-6926-4665-9883-E97809B378ED_zpsul9cr0fm.jpg

If they says ” diamond are the women best friends” for us guys the shoes are once our best companion. Because when it comes to men’s fashion shoes are the main pieces that we should have better. Because it can spice up the whole outfit as you’ve got the most superb shoes that compliments on the total outfit you’d trying to pull off. I knew most of you guys out there are can relate on what am telling about here, right?

This recently, the online shop I used to worked with, Eastdane, Had sent me over these 2 shoes for review. And I must say, that these both shoes are indeed versatile where I can wear them off in both casual and formal wear.

 photo 28EFF2A7-2405-4583-B057-D2209CB8AF04_zpsmxnshfx3.jpg

The one on the very top has a brand called Puma, one of the leading brand for sport clothing, and this quirky looking shoes here has a brand name “er souliers de skate”. Both shoes were listed at EastDane’s shop and you can find another brands that may caught your attention as they’re speaks to your own fashion style.

I really suggest you to take a look this shop and have your pieces on to them. Because they’ve got all the high-end brands of it’s pieces and selling them over on there very reasonable prices that wont break the wallet that much. I think, this is the edge of this shop, EastDane, among others by giving out the best quality fashion finds that can make you definitely dope as you wears them..

Review: Wooden Sunglasses

 photo 237F3F55-C970-4B08-91D6-293D413E035E_zpsl0a7nj6l.jpg

When it comes to my own fashion. I see to it that I got these pieces that are quirky and unique enough that can still speaks to my style. Yes! Because I wanted to be unusual and different to others. I dunno, I’d always like that even to the other things. That’s why I am so happy to have this wooden sunglasses here from wooodyglass.com for free but I need to do an honest review about it over my other fashion site. I must say, these wooden sunglasses ,from the shop Ive mentioned, are really superb. Because, first, it came with the bamboo made of case and the sunglasses itself is really in quality and I simply likes the shade of the lens, it’s not that light and not that black – it is just okay and it can ease the eyes much.

 photo 1F2A308C-CFE6-4AF2-A5C7-3FD244102245_zpsfzwswj0c.jpg

They’ve sent over this sunglasses that has a product name of ” Oxford”. It has a brownish frame which is perfect for this spring and summer season. The sunglasses has a retail price of 70 USD and it can ship out world wide hence nothing to worry about at all.. So what are you waiting for? go check the shop now and have yourself one wooden sunglasses for you to be looking dope this summer.

Product Review: Top-sider shoes & RayBan Sunglasses

 photo tyncg_zpsral0hasd.jpg

Really! I am so fortunate to have picked by these online shops and companies to collaborate with. Though my fashion sites aren’t that well known over the search engine or to have these great amount of followers over my social channels, like other fashion bloggers do. I dunno, might they found my sites best fits on their brands that is why they’re fond of working with me in some sponsorships neither in sorts of collaborations.

Recently, the one leading online shop in the US had contacted me and asked for collaboration. And I said yes – all I have to do with them was to post one promotional content for them over my site each month in exchange of items worth 200 USD per month. Which a great deal for me, since I am so much pleased to have some of their selling finds.

For this month, April. What Ive got was this top-sider shoes and one rayban sunglasses that are perfectly on this spring and summer season. Slip-on shoes are way comfortable when summer comes and they usually light to wear than to those kicks which we used to wear often. Also, the sunglasses is pretty fine. Because it can help your eyes to get protected from the sun rays to avoid any minor even major eye damage, this summer season..

By the way, the shop am currently working today was this called : EastDane.com where mostly high-end brands and labels were listed. You can check out their shop today and see for yourself on how great their each items were. Also, they do have another shop for women and its: Shopbop.com – where all the chic finds and in trend pieces are selling over. Go check the both shops today and buy off all the finds you need this summer season. 🙂

Review: Balance Bar

 photo 426239_368217349869629_1029434000_n_zpsknc1wssa.jpg

Most dietitians prefers to have more protein on each person’s diet. Because protein plays a big role to our body and creates some good enzymes too that can develop the brain activities and gives you more energy on the certain day. Also, it is good on building muscle as you tend to be jacked or at least to be looking fit.

Protein is one of the main nutrients that body needs. Hence, you better include it on your daily diet or perhaps eat some balance bar snack like what this product ( on top) has in it. This Balance bar has its 15g of protein on each bar plus it has this awesome wholegrain that helps to break the unwanted fats inside the body.

The Bar is enriched with Fiber too. That is good of loosing weight as you intend so. Also, It is made of blueberry that has a great amount of magnesium which balance up the body temperature and other chemicals inside. So – his pretty much needed on your diet as you wanted to see the fast result or to just feel better a day. Have one balance bar a day and you’ll be happy ( for sure) the rest of the day..