Chillin @ Baguio Peaks

 photo baguio1_zps69aq4vfl.jpg

This may late then but let me again post it up here since I am trying to retrieve all the travel photos and experiences that Ive  been to in the past. Actually these photos were already posted on my sister’s site and to my other sites as well but since this blog has it own travel category, I think this post should be in to hence I can filled up the travel section of the blog, right? So please bear with me as you reads some of the story behind this photo.

Last  two years ago, this photo was taken at the mountain peak – Baguio city. It is actually tourist spot here in the Philippines where mostly Filipino wants to go every summer due of the cold breeze of the place. At the mountain, there’s a bunch of activities to do and will chose to pick some strawberries instead of us riding some horses or hanging ourselves to the trees for the zip line ride.

Experience was nice. Because this were our first time though to had picked strawberries from its plan and able to enjoy the moment together with family.

 photo baguio2_zpsnhzgk8hi.jpg

Other good thing was. We can bond with my sister and her husband that we rarely do because they’re now residing in the US. Hence, we cant have all the time to do it so… It is really a good thing that they can able to go home for at least 2 weeks and share this unforgettable moment with us, family.

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