Trying to get some breather

 photo 11055364_10203921206405813_4766784763241436812_n_zpshgdkela3.jpg

Sometimes, we need to take some breather from the person rather people that can gives stress on our lives and to avoid either the noise of the urban life. This recently, me and mum and other cousins had planned to go on the countryside where we can enjoy the mountain views and the nature river to swim. Though the river at times are quite looking misty but still we managed to have our fast dipped just to check how it feels like to lave on the river..

 photo 11119754_650208958445163_6238666073217626774_n_zpsb5omjpww.jpg

 photo 17290_650208988445160_7485223100397877846_n_zpsoffqz45o.jpg

 photo 10665852_650208931778499_3343562493928600986_n_zpswpxctg75.jpg

These our other pictures. I must say, the place is awesome because of the scenic view of mountains at the back thus we’d still enjoyed our little scape here.

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